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It depends on how much you care about the person and if you are the one doing the dumping or getting dumped. I once dated a doctor I worked for and I wasn't that into him. He knew this, continued seeing me, and started seeing another woman, but I did'nt mind. Eventually my attitude made him crazy, and he got very moody to work with. I just decided to go work elsewhere, getting a better job, no drama.

The second person I dated at work, I really loved...which is a really big deal for hardly ever happens. Then I found out he was seeing another girl behind my back right there at work. I think I would have been ok if he had not led me to believe the things he had. It felt like he had been a massive tease. He wanted to keep seeing me too, but I just left. I knew I was too into him to ever share. It took me over a year to get over him and it wasn't easy.

It's a great sign that you both have been so successful at this relationship for a YEAR! That is very promising! Usually, most couples at work know if there is going to be problems within the first 3-6 months. You've both passed that road marker. Good luck~ :)

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