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Iíve been with my boyfriend for over 7 months now. Iíll try to break this down as much as I can so it wonít be too long.

Heís been Ďbroken upí with his ex for over a year now. Unfortunately she still lives in his house because even though sheís not on the original mortgage, her name is on an equity loan and refuses to leave. Sheís buying (or trying to buy) him out of the house (or he hopes the loan goes through).

Anyway, heís been staying with me at my house. I donít mind that he is there, but this situation has caused major problems in our relationship. My real problem now is that whenever we are out with his friends, they ALWAYS bring her name up right in front of me. Asking about what the status is, etc. I have told my boyfriend that Iím sick of being treated like I donít exist. I feel that it is very disrespectful to do it in front of me. He states that he doesnít talk to people about it so they are just asking. So, most of the time, I will just walk away and ignore it.

Now the real issue that I want advice on is this. I met his family for the first time on Easter. Both his parents are passed so it was his two older sisters (both by over 10 years) and their respective husbands and his one niece.

We are all sitting outside chatting when all of a sudden his oldest sister comes out of the house with a photograph of my boyfriend and his ex. She starts joking about needing to get a new photograph, but she wonít get rid of that one because she needs the frame on the wall as to not mess up the photo collage she had. (???). She sort of tried handing it to me and I turned away. The conversation about the photo and his ex went on for about 2 hours on and off. I was sitting next to his sister and she placed the photo right next to me on the table and left it there for 2 hours! In between picking it up and looking at it!

Okay, I can understand some people donít know about tact. But what Iím really upset about is that my boyfriend didnít do one darn thing to remove the photo or ďprotectĒ me in any way. I feel that he should have said something about Ďweíre not discussing this todayĒ or something along those lines. But he never says anything. I donít feel that I should have to endure conversations about her every single time that I am out. I canít tell you how uncomfortable I was in that situation. I was already nervous enough about meeting his family, I didnít need this on top of it.

And all along, his sisters kept referring to me as his Ďfriendí. Now mind you we have been together since last summer. He has told me that they know all about me, but they sure didnít act like it.

It was a long day on Easter and I was really tired when we left their house, so I didnít say more than two words on the way home. Plus I was really hurt. Not mad, just really hurt since he knows how it makes me feel. So I didnít bring it up that night. Yesterday I was with my family all day and didnít get home until really late, and went straight to bed when I got home, so again, we didnít talk. Today he is out with his friend and I wonít be around tonight until late either.

But to be really honest, Iím purposely staying out of my house because I donít know what to say about the situation. And I've been making up excuses of why I keep moving to the couch and sleeping there for the night. This has really stressed me out since last year. I don't sleep well anymore either.

I donít know how to bring it up without it turning into a fight. He get so defensive all the time. I know heís under a lot of stress, but I think he is failing to see it from my point of view.

Iím truly hurt and very disappointed in him. Especially since I have expressed my feelings about it in the past. I hate being disrespected.

At this point, it is actually making me resent him.

And the funny thing about the whole thing is, is that they canít stand the exÖ. So why bring a picture of her out? Why talk about her?

Btw, sorry for it being all over the place, but I'm going on 2 hours of sleep here.

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