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Oh yoga1, I'm so sorry. It sounds like my parents. My mother balanced that relationship as she was the exact opposite of my dad - so positive, always looking on the bright side of things, smiling even though underneath she actually walked on pins and needles wondering how he will react, how he'd get up in the morning, etc. Back in those days divorce hardly existed and women made the best of what they got until the kids were grown. Well, Dad passed away and she was in a sense relieved. She was able to live in peace and to this very day I've never seen her happier. Don't get me wrong - she loved him - but, she also feared and hated him. She tells me had it been this day and age she would have divorced him for a partner should bring out the best in you and shuold make you feel safe and happy and feel secure, well, most of the time, at least. I was married twice to men who would fly off the handle for anything, and being that I did too, it was a disaster! Doors were constantly slammed, didn't talk to each other for days, when I was in a good mood he wasn't, he never wanted to come to a compromise, we even saw a counselor and we worked on anger management and I worked on what was truly bothering me that made me angry. I made the effort - he didnt'. So he started drinking. Those were lost years of my life and I'm glad I chose not to have kids. (mommie dearest). maybe not. All I know is that I need someone to balance me, and I have it now (a lot of shopping around). He is very positive, tolerant and makes be be the same and I'm changing although I complain, but, it's usually in gest and I'm happier bellyaching at times, but, people know I playing around, too. Please find a counselor for both of you, or, another relationship, or, live alone for awhile. It is good therapy. I chose to live alone and my BF lives a few doors down and we get along great! Life is too short to spend it with an angry person, the world is in such an angry state as is. Take good care of yourself, for, no one else totally knows what's best for you - only you. Yoga is a great start. Bless you for being the way you are. The world needs more happy souls like you! [img][/img], Anna

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