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Re: Frustrated!
Mar 30, 2005
Thanks for the advice everyone. And Summer to answer your question...I have to admit for the past month I've been thinking about this guy I dated before I met my husband and lets say that I can't [B]STOP [/B] thinking about him. I don't know how to get him out of my head! Like I said my mind has been up in the clouds and I can never get back to reality!!! LOL!!! OMG! I never thought I'd feel this way about our marriage. And I think a lot may have to do with a situation that happened last summer. He went on vacation to visit friends and family back home and got drunk one night and a couple we're friends with (not anymore) well, my ex-friend, she confessed her feelings to my husband and said they should be together. I was devastated. She lied to me saying my husband grabbed her butt and he said they should be together. She never told me the real truth behind it. Or so my husband said she lied to me and he would never hurt me. But I guess nothing happened between them that night. [SIZE=3][B]But needless to say, I still think about [/SIZE] [/B] [SIZE=3]that.[/SIZE] [B]In fact, he never told me [/B][B] about it.[/B] I got a letter from her several weeks after he came home and then I told him and I was so upset and angry. So, I was the wife who would believe my husband of course. So, I don't know. Sometimes I just feel like I'm not in love with him anymore. But I just go on with life at the moment since I'm in college. I'm determined to finish and see what happens for us. I can't stand this feeling. I'm a daydreamer and fantasizing about this guy I dated before him!!!! HELP! Maybe he'll see the light. I guess if he continues his nasty behaviour I can just keep up with my comments like: "Now that is really attractive!" I don't know!!!!!

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