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I never went for the bad boys, even as a teenager. I always went for the quiet, deep-thinking band geeks and guitar players. I never went for guys who talked tough or treated girls badly. I didn't fall in love until I was 30, but when I finally did, it was with a mild-mannered, generally kind-hearted guitar playing old fashioned Catholic boy. He wasn't a bad boy, but he did have a dark side. After much consideration on my own issues, I think I tend to think I go for the moody, brooding guys because I'm actually kind of the same way. I'm not emotionally healthy enough to attract the really stable, steady, really emotionally together guys. And they never seem to like me at all. So if a girl goes for the "bad boys" then most likely it's because she has some emotional baggage to work out for herself. In that case, why would you want that kind of girl anyway? Hang in there. There are girls out there who do appreciate being treated well and with respect. Now, don't confuse being a nice guy with being a doormat. All women like a guy with confidence and strength. But if you can't find a girl who appreciates being treated well, then yo may be looking in the wrong places. Are you the kind of guy who's attracted to "bad girls?" Are you going for the potty-mouthed, hip hugger mid-driff wearing, smoking out behind the school type of girls, or are you going for the nice, respectful, studious, good girls in band or the debating team?

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