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Hi there.

This is tough. Normally what ive seen in my friends. If a guy had a bad brake up in the past and got badly hurt. In my opinion a guy would be scared of saying "i love you" cause they might be scared of opening them selfs to get hurt. Like they almost scared of being in love cause they scared of being hurt. Just, i think like girls. I hope this made sense.

Also it depends on the guy, it depends on how/who they are. When they will say "i love you".

In my opinion a guy would say it out of no where, when they have really strong feelings. Spontaneous.

Also in my opinion the "bad boys" say it just, to get into a girls pance. And the "nice guys" say it when they really mean it.

It really depends on the type of guy, who/how they are.

Normally what i believe happens is that when one feels that way. They scared of saying it cause they not sure how the other feels or would feel and there response.

I dont think a guy minds who says it first.

Im a guy had 2 relationships, one 4 months one 3 years around, and im a "nice guy". I just said it when i felt really strong feelings.

Its very hard to say what scares guys off, cause it depends on what they like who they are.

My best advice is that you act the way, who you are. Dont try to be some one you not. Cause its the best way you can tell if the relationship will work. Both people have to act the way, who they are. Cause they have to see if things will work.

In a relationship the 2 should always tell the other how they feel about him or her.

My one friend out of no where told his girlfriend he loves her. Then she did not say it back. She said she is not sure how she feels. But latter on i think it was around 1-2 weeks she said she loves him.

Just take it slow and in time things will fall into place.

I wish you the best!

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