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Re: I Need Advice!
Mar 31, 2005
[QUOTE=makesally]I dated this guy for two years, and we broke up for a year because he and i were cheating on one another. So, we got back together a year ago, and we've only been with eachother, but he refuses to show me any emotion or commitment, and in fact, he's terribly cold to me. He is a really busy person with his business and stuff, but it really feels as though his lack of interest in me is beyond stress, like he has vendettas against me, even though we suposidly reconciled everything. Normally, I would leave a relationship like this, but he just bought me a car, and gave me thousands of dollars, and buys me dinner and movies. He also refuses to let me date people that know him, and only tells cute boys that are intrested in me that im [I]actually his girlfriend[/I]. Whats sad, he knows I still love him, I just did his laundry and cleaned his entire house, When he wont even hold my hand in court when I'm scared!
I'm pretty poor too, I'm a full time college student and I dont work, waiting for loans. Is he taking advantage of me? Is this control? I'm just curious to his motives of leaving me on the hook like this. I'm super hot, I can find someone else if this isnt worth my effort and time.[/QUOTE]

I guess I'm confused too. First, why would you even want to keep dating someone who refuses to show you any emotion or caring? Isn't that what a boyfriend's for? For love, emotional support, hand-holding, snuggling, to have someone in your corner? And I'm also confused about him "not letting you date anyone he knows?" If you're trying to put this relationship back together, why would you want to date anyone else at all, whether they know him or not? But you also say he only treats you like a girlfriend, only calls you his girlfriend around cute men? How does he introduce you the rest of the time to other people?

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