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I had a b/f like this. As soon as we slip he was on the road for another female. And he convienitently went back to his X. An X that he has gone back to several times now. He even went and married some girl he knew for about 2 weeks. Stayed married for a month or so then had it annuled (sp?) And guess whose back in his life??? That faithful X.

She doenst understand that he's not a one girl type of guy. And I guess she doesnt mind being the rebound this has been going on for over 3 years. He tells me all this stuff about her, he's cheated on her with me and several others and yet she stays w/him?

I've asked him why he keeps going back to her if 1. he doesnt like her and 2. he cheats on her anyway??? He said he cant decribe it, he just likes knowing he has someone?? Men can be so low.

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