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I think TAH gave you great advice, and I agree 100%. While I know your friends mean well, their comments are ultimately not good for you. Instead of giving you hope that your ex will magically realize what a blind, selfish, idiot he's been to let you go, they should be congratulating you on having the wisdom and strength to let him go when you did. I think your ex is definitely insecure and looking for any kind of reassurance he can find from anyone he thinks might still harbor lingering feelings of fondness for him. But more realistically, he's probably just trying to see if any of them respond and sound interested in hooking up--this sounds to me like an effort to find someone on the rebound. I think your friends are right that he's probably having a tough time dealing with the breakup and his resulting feelings of failure and rejection. I just don't think you should hope for him to come back (or want him if he did come crawling back and begging for another chance--you deserve so much better!!). Juicy, I'm really sorry that you're going through such a difficult, painful time because of this guy. It's pretty clear that he's too immature, selfish, and girl-crazy still to have any interest or potential to develop and sustain a serious, commited relationship. You will know the right guy for you when you find him because he'll be so blown away and completely in love with you that he won't have any interest in meeting up with exes or female strangers. In the meantime, please try to hang in there and focus on the bad memories and reasons why you're glad to be rid of him rather than the happy memories that will make you sad and keep you dwelling on the past rather than optimistically anticipating all the opportunities in your future :). Good luck Juicy, but I have no doubt that you will make it just fine once you get over the hurt of ending your relationship :angel:.

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