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thanks so much TAH and Snails...

i know its worng for me to want to hope he regrets the break-up, and it shouldn't be my focus...i guess because the break-up was so final and life-altering i just have a lingering wish to know i had some impact on his life.

i know this guy was not the one for me, and 90% of the time i focus on that. my friends DO tell me every single day that i did the most amazing thing for myself and they are so proud of me because they know how controlling he was and how 'logistically' (to say the least) it was for me to end the relationship. i would never go back to him, in fact, we joke that eventually (after he does some more dating), i am going to be added to the cc of his 'i was thinking about you' emails once he experiences another break-up and needs to feel better about himself. eventhough he technically broke it off with me, i think i made the final decision and i dont think he has ever been broken up with before, in the sense that he didnt have someone to immediately to fall back on. however, its the remaining 10% of the time (and made more difficult as i am once again experiencing insomnia) that it angers me soo much that he has put all of this effort into on-line dating and reconnecting with past flings, and other strange activities when all it would have taken for us to be happy was for him to have a little bit of compassion in our relationship. so i think thats what's frustrating. i know the people he is meeting or emailing again are not the type of girl he would ever consider having a long-term relationship with, and that he would tell me that i was 99% (i have this habit of reducing things to percentages) of exactly what he was looking for but he just pushed so hard for me to change that 1% (ok, it was probably more like 5% hee hee) that he messed up everything else!
i think he is feeling desperate b/c i have searched these on-line sites for someone who matches my criteria and i am just not out there ;) ... not saying there arent alot of very special individuals out there...(Snails) but he is looking for something so specific... anyways thanks so much you guys, you are so terrific, i couldn't have gone through this whole ordeal without all of your support. i feell so much stronger and more like the self i loved before i met him!

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