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ive been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for over 3 years now. hes my bestfriend, and other then what im about to discuss, our relationship seems as close to perfect as any can reasonably be. Heres my dilemna... weve both always been faithful, no cheating or anything of that sort. but he signs up for these sex personal ad websites w/ their free membership. and he fills out this profile w/ things like "he's looking to have fun while its worth having" or " looking for someone to have some discreet no strings fun" etc etc etc. (though he doesnt know that i know any of this) and even though he's never cheated, and even though i know that he's never written or responded to any of the women from these sites, it breaks my heart sometimes. i know that hes prob just curious, and at least he does it this way rather then go pick up women in bars to satisfy this urge or whatever it is. i dont know what to do. do i continue pretending i dont know unless he one day does solicite or respond to a woman. do i confront him, and risk him thinking that its harmless and trying even harder to be secretive? i know it sounds open and shut, but for all the moths hes done this hes never taken it any farther, and other then this situation i know i can trust him. please help me figure out what to do or how to broach the subject. thank you
a confused and torn woman

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