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Whats up s mckenna

I saw your reply to my thread and thank you! Then i saw your thread. Man it really does sound like we are in the same boat!

I also feel so broken and hopeless! I really know how it feels man! Cause guess what, my ex girlfriend when she broke up with me, she also said to me, that she lost her feelings for me and does not love me anymore. And everyone that i spoke to that knows her, say that its a very good chance that she found someone else. I know exactly where you are coming from man.

I also really feel that i will NEVER find someone else to be with, i tried to go on a date with this other girl, I asked her twice to go out, but she gave me excuses, but at the same time kept it open. I really think that she is not really interested. That just gave me less hope.

But we have to believe man, that one day we will find someone else to be with. Think of this, how many people do you know that did not get married by the age of around 35. Im sure most of them you know if not all, did get married at some point.

We just have to take a day at a time. And over time things will get easier. My suggestion is that maybe cut of all ties with her. I know it hurts man! Its the worst feeling on earth but trying to speak to her is just going to hurt you more.

I tried to phone my ex girlfriend about around 3 weeks ago, but all she did was put the phone down as soon as i said hello.

Keep posting man.

Try to do things that you enjoy doing, go out with your friends. Try keep your self busy.

Theres songs form a band that help me abit, maybe try get them. The bands name is "Guano Apes" Try get 2 songs of theres "Quietly" and "Innocent greed".

Good luck

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