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Re: "me time"
Apr 4, 2005
Thats the thing i dont know if i am still her boyfriend. Im just giving her the time and space shes asked for. Her friends dont know about whats happened to my knowledge but what im saying is she goes out with them like normal and talks to them, but wants to stay away from me..thats what i dont understand. I feel like im to blame but im trying to think where i went wrong. Maybe i was too paranoid. The day after she goes clubbing she used to phone me and tell me what happened, things like guys touching her bum, getting loads of attention from other guys, calling other guys fit, saying she wouldnt kick certain guys out of bed and it hurts to here it. I do have full trust for her but sometimes i feel really jealous i suppose of these guys around her. Maybe its just me, would you be upset if your girlfriend talked about other guys more than u? Thats just how it felt sometimes. I know i cant keep her all to myself, shes her own self and can go out do whatever she wishes. I dont know part of me feels ive pushed her away by being too paranoid. She just means alot to me and i love her to bits.

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