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His intentions are to keep his options open while at the same time NOT making any firm commitment.

You didn't need me or anyone else to tell you that, right?

You've been dating for two months and you're sending emails that are perhaps passionate, intense -- and contain "issues" you wish him to address?

Not cool.

These are things best discussed in person. Email leaves the option available, as you well know by now, to NOT respond in great detail.

Yet it is even too soon to be discussing "issues" in person.

You should be ENJOYING a "get to know you" phase of your relationship right now. You shouldn't be focusing on intent so deeply.

Relax with all of this. Try to have some fun. Let him arrange meetings and dates between the two of you -- at least a few, and at least the NEXT few. If he does not -- you have your answer: he's not interested. If he does -- go out and have a good time.

Only problem -- you've already spilled your guts to him, so to speak, with those emails. He might be a bit nervous now. Tone things down in person -- be casual and friendly and fun. Don't get into heavy-duty serious discussions about the emails or your more deeper feelings at this point. Let that all evolve naturally.

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