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I can relate with this thread because I work with mean co-workers. And they are woman. I don't have a problem with the men. It is just 2 I have a problem with. These woman talk about people behind their backs all the time. They also talk about me all the time. I just really have a problem with these two "woman". One is 42 I will call her Sara (not real names ofcourse) and the other one is in her 50's, I will call her Janet. I thought when people got older, they were suppose to get mature. Apparently not!
Janet and Sara are friends and they talk allll day! Talk about everyone and everything. My boss HATES Sara. My boss even told me that she is a lying "B". My boss said that Janet is two faced too. It is kinda funny in a way because Janet will talk about Sara to my boss when Sara is not here sometimes. But yet, when they are together they are best of friends. A lot of people here hate Sara. They have even said that she is a lying piece of C--P. Seriously, it is that bad and they really do say that. Anyway, Sara started up with my yesterday and I defended myself so now she wont' talk to me. Doesn't matter because when she does talk to me she puts me down anyway. But I can't even ask her a work related question because she will not answer. My boss knows this too and all she said to me was that I am a bigger person then Sara is. Another boss of a different dept who happens to feel the same way about Sara (because Sara has lied about him too) told me that my boss is too soft and that she is afraid to say something to Sara.
About a week ago Sara was being nasty to my boss and I heard my boss talking to the site manager and he said she should be written up. Did that happen? NO.
The things I can tell you would blow your mind of what I have gone through with this trash. It is like a soap opera. The things she says about people here and about me, and about my boss and the lies she told are unreal. My boss told me today that she can see why Sara has no friends. Sara just talks to her sister in Florida on the phone most the day. She says she is the only one that does work here but yet if you walk by her desk she will minimize the screen real fast because she is on the internet. She can never admit when she does something wrong either. She always blames someone else. My boss talked to her about her not admitting when she is wrong or made a mistake but she still does it.
This one guy told me that Sara is jealous of anyone that looks better then her so that is why she hates me. Well, I guess she things everyone is better looking than her because she talks about everyone here. When I first started working here her husband would hang around me alot. Then Sara would come off with comments about the way I look and she said that no female here is good looking. Not directly to me, she said it to her friend and make sure I heard it. Among other things she has said about me to her friend to make sure I heard those too. I am just glad that my boss, who is a female, is a nice person that I can talk to and knows what Sara and Janet are about.
So much more I can say but I am ending it here.
I just wanted to say that you are not alone and it is not you.

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