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Well after that friday night "l love you, i love you loads" she didnt call me for the whole weekend. Called me monday, called me today, im finding it hard to talk to her though shes always saying things like "whatever", "you got a problem with that", "do i care?", "and your point is..", etc. I dont know whether theses are like jokes or for real. She phoned me up friday night saying love you, but hasnt said it again since. What is this? I really DONT understand it at all. Shes booked 3 holidays apparently to go with 2 sets of mates and then her family. I asked her if she wanted to go on holiday with me a while ago and she said i dont know. Im completely lost, im scared to say things to her incase she tells me to get lost or just put the phone down on me. I know what your all thinking, complete mug but i dont have it in me to end the relationship, i love her too much. Im trying to be normal (how we used to be) over the phone, trying to crack the odd joke and stuff, making her laugh but i cant tell whether she loves me still or not. Its like im trying so hard but just not winning... I'm completely and utterly stuck, i dont know what to do. I appreciate you guys comments but i dont want to end the relationship and i dont plan on. Even if it takes me years im gonna stick at it and do everything i can to show her how much she means to me. These holidays are really worrying me though as i dont know if she still considers me her boyfriend and all i can think about is her going with some tanned guy on a beach. I know its wrong to think these sort of things, i do trust her its just i dont know whats happening with "us". And when she does go im just gonna be thinking about what shes doing and its hurting alot. I keep praying, i prayed that friday and asked god to make her say "i love you" again and she did. Im just bideing my time at the moment and hoping everything turns back to how it was. I bought her a playboy bikini for her holiday yesterday, stupid huh? I'm just desperate i guess to get her back as shes the only good thing in my life. I was just gonna give it her as a gift and wish her a nice holiday. I know someone said you cant bribe her affections back but i dont know what to do. I know you guys want me to end the relationship but id appreciate some help on how to save the relationship rather then end it. I dont say that in disrespect you all have your opinions and your probably right but i cant give up and wont. For now im just hanging in there, getting talked to like im s**t from time to time but i guess i'll just have to get used to it now.

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