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I replied to your problem in the first set of threads. I know its super hard to come to terms with everything that is going on right now, but like everyone else is telling you, you have to move along. This girl is playing with your mind soooo I said before, she using you as a back-up plan. Your ex really doesn't seem all there. I have posted a few things about my ex on here and to me it sounds like they have a little in common.

She's bad news bears! The only way you will get passed this, is if you cut off all contact with her...b/c whatever she says to you, is holding you back from moving on. Check one of my last posts, the one that describes how my ex is and how she acted, its very similiar and it might help some. Even though I broke up with her, I always thought only if things could have been different...and for a while I thought if she changed we could get back together...but it never happened. I realized the more I talked to her, the more I thought about her...the more I thought about making things work...the more she sucked me back in! I then became miserable, b/c of how the way she treated me and the shady things she was doing. I felt like I was back at square one. But I soon realized that I didn't need some girl who loved to crap on my feelings and did petty things to get under my skin. She was a super gorgeous girl...but inside, she was ugly as can be!

Isn't kind of weird that she only calls you when she is alone or not out...she only calls during the week! Like my ex, she needs someone there at all times to show her comfort or make her feel wanted. For her to say "I love you" and what not, is all b/s...and just like others have posted, if she really loved you, she wouldnt be putting you through this. Listen to this one...My ex texted me one morning asking "can we get back together"...I didn't respond and I later found out that day, thats she was getting it on (if you know what I mean) with some dude the night before at his who does that...only lonely sluts. I havent talked to her since....I made too many mistakes of letting her back in...and I was never getting anywhere, just walking in circles!

Let her be who she is...let her flaunt herself around and do what she does...she will learn her lesson one day and who knows, maybe one day she will grow up. Just keep yourself busy and avoid talking to me man, I don't think your going to listen, but it's the best thing you can ever do. Go hang out with your buddies, grab a few beers or whatever, spend time with your fam, work...and most of all, start meeting girls...that could soon take your mind off everything! You don't deserve someone who could just walk out on you like that and crap all over your this day she still puts your deserve soooo much better man! One last food for thought...You can't turn a hoe into a housewife! ;)

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