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Re: Call from an Ex
Apr 20, 2005
Hi Lisa and thanks for thinking of me :). I've been thinking about starting a new thread to update everyone on how things have been going and seek your advice about how to proceed from here...but I'm still collecting my thoughts on that. How is everything going for you? I really hope things look up soon for you on the job front and hopefully also on the romance front ;). I'm still enjoying online dating and am generally meeting 2-3 new guys per week--so far most are promising and this weekend I have a date with a guy I particularly like, so I can't complain. It's a good distraction and really cheers me up to be dating consistently so soon after the breakup, but there are still times when I miss Patrick so much that I fall apart for awhile :confused:. So I'm not quite sure how deeply I want to get involved with anyone in the forseeable future, though I do enjoy will probably just take some time for me to be emotionally prepared to get involved in another relationship. In the meantime, I definitely can't complain--I've found online dating to really be a good fit for me, though of course there are weirdos and jerks there just like anywhere else. But I've also met some really great guys, some of whom I'm interested in getting to know a lot better. Overall, I'm still having a hard time on bad days, but I'm trying to move forward with a positive outlook, and I think that dating again has definitely helped distract me from feeling sad and shown me that I will find love again someday...well I guess this was pretty much my entire update! So much for the new thread, but maybe I'll start that anyway so we can chat and keep each other up to date on any romantic developments. In the meantime, I wholeheartedly recommend online dating to anyone who is considering trying it--it's a great way to meet new people who you get to prescreen and contact anonymously at first, so you can be pretty sure you like someone before you actually meet them or give out any personal information.

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