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Re: Call from an Ex
Apr 16, 2005
[QUOTE=Ninispjc]Oh Sophia (((HUGS))). Even though I have faith and every confidence that you will sail through this just fine very soon, I know it stinks right now. But I'm glad that you're smarter and stronger than I am and don't indulge in the Ben & Jerry's and keep Pizza Hut in business!!

I don't know why so many women find it hard to be truly supportive to other women. I'm sorry some of your friends choose to see you as a threat to their relationship rather than just a nice young lady. Don't any of your friends' husbands or boyfriends have any single male friends/co-workers/work-out buddies you might find interesting?

Even though you don't feel like it, try to have a good time at the party tonight. Hey, it's a night out of the house, right? I know. I had the chance to go out and see country band Emerson Drive with some work people but I chose to stay in and watch tv instead. But I guess that's why I'm nagging you to get out there. I just want you to be happy. You deserve it, sweetie![/QUOTE]

Thanks Nini. I want you to be happy too. Believe it or not, my female friends' husbands/boyfriends don't know ANY single available men my age--I asked :( Nobody seems to know anyone. They all know only other COUPLES :eek: :eek: I am surrounded by couples and pregnant ladies--soon will start having nightmares about them LOL. One of my friends who is married and pregnant with baby #2 left me a belated b-day message saying "Don't worry about your age--it's only a number!" How funny. First of all, why would she just assume I am "worried"; second, how ironic are these words coming from a woman who is happilly married with a second baby on the way? If I were in her situation, I wouldn't be "worried" either. Not that I AM worried. Just tired and generally pissed. Why can't she just say "Happy b-day, have a great day, bye"???

The thing tonight is not really a party. I am just taking my sweet, extremely effeminate (sp?) male friend out to dinner for his birthday. He is wonderful but don't even suggest me dating him--he's a fantastic material for a "girlfriend" and that's IT, I assure you! (the man talks so much you have to physically restrain him sometimes :D ). I'm gonna try and have a good time and forget about everything. Speak to you later :wave:

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