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It has nothing to do with trust issues or insecurity - why would anyone be expected to be "okay" with their SO being surrounded by naked people? Why, if you were in a serious relationship, would you even want to be surrounded by naked people? In complete honesty, my fiance is the only man I have the slightest desire to look at nude. The fact that your SO has a friend whose girlfriend works there does not mean that they [I]have to [/I] hang out there. Why would you even want to go with him? Sitting there with your boyfriend while naked women parade around...sounds like you'll have a blast.

But it isn't as though strippers are there looking to hook up with a one is going to try and steal your boyfriend away, that isn't an issue. Stripping is their job...they just want to make money. Flirting is fake, and it is rare that a dancer falls for a customer. A lot of them are decent, hardworking people. It's just the respect issue. Tell your boyfriend that he should accompany YOU to a male strip club. See how fun that is for him :)

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