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[QUOTE=edved2001]Now I feel bad=^( I'm sorry too, I have been in a very negative frame of mind as of late, I should lighten up and give some of us guys the benefit of the doubt. Most guys enjoy looking at women, I mean that's just an obvious fact. Not all men like strip clubs though. Many of my friends use to love going and they'd always try to get me to go. Sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn't. My problem with them is this... the clubs i've been too, the strippers make it difficult to just sit there and watch and have a drink. They go table to table, sit on your lap, and ask for money. First they'll ask if you want a lap dance, if not if you'd like to give them some money for their performance. I always felt pressured and uncomfortable. I always enjoyed going with my gf. We've been maybe 5 or 6 times (not for a while though). However, i'd never accompany her to a male strip club. Well, unless she was gonna go without me :D
Hey, and rest assured, when a guy like your husband goes, it's just to do something 'different' and out of the ordinary. I'm sure it's honest and harmless.

The last time I went with a guy friend, I told my gf and she got upset. I've never been back without her. It's just not that big of a deal to me and I know that if I asked my gf to dance for ME, she would. I'll take that any day over any stripper. She's much more fun to "tuck" too :D
Alright, now i'm sad...[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]edved2001 :) You know how you said "most guys just enjoy looking at women, that is just the obvious fact" I agree and I would have to say it is probably the same for most women, enjoying looking at other men. I just wish it didn't bother me so much. When I think about the handful of times my husband did go to the strip joint (the biggest one that stands out was the bachelor party- he had 7 or 8 lap dances. There were about 15 guys with him so there were plenty to buy him dances. I guess what bothers me so much is that these women are sexually dancing on him. He isn't just looking at them walking by or in a store or something, ya know what I mean?

My husband won't go with me to a strip joint. Sometimes I think about asking my brother to go with me, just so I can put my mind to rest. I think that I THINK ALOT of things, that probably don't happen at the upper class clubs.

Anyway, it seems that since I last posted on Friday about how my husband and I were in that heated discussion, that it is now Sunday and I still have it in my mind. It sucks. I hate feeling this way. He has no idea how I feel inside I have withdrawn from him about it. He keeps saying he can feel something is wrong, but how do I talk to him when on Friday he blew up, even when I was remaining calm? Also, the bachelor party was 8 months ago! I clearly shouldn't still be thinking about that! :nono:

I asked my husband if he makes remarks about the women when he was in the strip clubs and he said yes....(But it was like pulling teeth out of him to get him to fess up) I wish guys would understand that the truth is so much less hurtful then LIES. I'm just so annoyed with how much this consumes me.

The part of your post that you stated "Not all men like strip clubs" My husband is one of those men, and still look at me with my issues! :eek: It wasn't his choice to go for his bachelor fact he was very close to telling the guys he didn't even want a party, cause that is the only place they feel that they should be going...but instead I put my feelings on the back burner and told him to with his friends and enjoy himself.

I guess I envy you, 1 for respecting your girlfriend's wishes and taking her along....and 2, for realizing HOW SHE FEELS when you go alone.

I hope you still aren't sad.....and that things are good for you now...

I better go make some dinner husband already asked me 3 times what I was doing on the computer. I think he knows I'm on here talking about this and not talking to him.

Take care! [/COLOR]

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