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Re: My relationship
Apr 10, 2005
thanks snails.

I definately can feel that way sometimes. about why does he mention her, but I guess part of it is that shes really one of the only people besides me who he was ever close to. Hes kind of like me in the way that hes sort of a loner...Im more outgoing than he is but i tend to pick 1 person and stay close to that 1 person, and the person I used to hang out with before him was a guy friend of mine...and we were really close. I actually liked him alot but he just wanted friendship and that was hard on me up until the point when I met my now boyfriend.

I used to mention him when I talked about stuff, and still talk to him but its not threatening because me and him were never more than friends. I also have a good sense of tact and sensitivity. One thing about my bf, that shows in his age is that he doesnt seem to think before he speaks when it comes to things that may bother me, like the ex...and in retrospect I dont think he ever means to disrespect me or make me feel threatened.

I definately feel that we have a strong enough relationship to make it, with some weak spots that need working on...but Im not too worried. Weve made it through some really stressful times together and we are there for eachother 100%.

Hes not perfect, im far from perfect...hes my first real love and i think just as much as anybody does that maybe it wont work, or that the odds are against us working out...and of course im attached...but im a strong person and ive been through alot in my life. I know I can make it through any pain. But I definately have a good feeling about it. Im the type of girl who has mostly guys for friends...and I finally met one I could see myself growing old with. Its a good feeling.

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