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I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months. Today is actually our anniversary. But this whole week has really made me upset and confused. I was suppose to see him on Tuesday but his friend decided to spend the night. I was okay with that because I do think it's important for him to hang out with his friends. Anyways his friend spent two nights there and then left Thursday and I was suppose to come over Thursday. Well it turns out I couldn't because my car died. He called me later that night (and his other friend had came over) and wanted me to come over Friday. I really wanted to see him because it was my only day off and our anniversary but I didn't really want his friend to be there. I've been there before when he's had a friend over and all I do is sit there. I told him I would probably end up getting bored and become mad and he said no you won't. And that made me even more mad because he shouldn't tell me how I'll feel. Another thing is he told me he would wake up early and call me but of course he stayed up most of the night and now it's 430 and I still haven't talked to him. I love him very much and I really want to work this problem out. I'm really scared he'll take it the wrong way and it will make things worst. I don't want him to think he can't have friends. I would just like to spend some time alone with him. I would really appreciate any advice/help you can give me. thank you.

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