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[QUOTE=cinting]Hi everyone! I had posted a while back that me and my boyfriend had broke up because we wanted different things and because he had been cruel to me throughout our relationship about my past. I want to have a baby and he didn't. For 6 months I tried to talk to him everyday and begged him, cried to him for him not to make me choose between him and having a family and he always told me that he would never change his mind, and that I needed to find someone else and move on, to determine my own fate. Well we broke up and I started talking to someone new. He has been really upset and crying but he still hasn't told me that he had changed his mind about having a baby until yesterday when he went to talk to a preacher and rededicated his life to God. He had told me before that he was sorry for the way he had treated me that he was wrong and the whole time we were together it had been all about him, which was true. Now he says that he would marry me tomorrow and that if I want to have a baby that's fine, he would view it as a blessing from God. He told me that I have never met this person and his attitude has changed about everything and he wants to be with me if that is what God has planned for him. Can someone change everything they have always believed and wanted and become a different, wonderful person in a snap of a finger?[/QUOTE]

I don't think it's absolutely impossible, but I do think it's rare. It usually takes some sort of near-death experience or really hitting rock bottom in some way to initiate that kind of change. I think to a large degree I've had a similar turn around in my viewpoints and in my heart, but it took losing everything I ever held dear and all my dreams for that change to take place.has he gone through some similar experience? Do you think your seeing this other guy and his realizing he'd lost you for good made him turn around? How do you feel about this new guy you've been seeing? Does he have real possibilities? How's the chemistry? Would it be possible to see them both casually while you decide? I think this is definitely something you want to take your time with. Weight it out carefully, and give yourself time to size up the situation and his intentions. It could be he's really changed, but it could also be that he just doesn't like seeing you with someone else and once he gets you back he'll be his old self again. Take your time and use your intuition.

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