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i understand where you're coming from Music...however, for a guy who acted so scared when i told him i may be falling out of love, my husband still has yet to ask me how i'm feeling now (only a couple months later)...went thru a huge depression when i realized that i may be falling out of love with him....he's my best friend! realized that he may be only my best friend as opposed to lover and husband. i still am not sure and am even more confused now after SEEING, rather than just conversing, with my ex.

Blue eyed......the only reason i think i lost interest in my ex was because i was so overwhelmed with college life and making sure that i made friends...felt i couldn't be bothered with my boyfriend at the time....i needed to be hanging out with all the new people and i REGRET all this now...even more so after yesterday's amazing lunch i've ever (or should say NEVER) eaten!

i'm sure we'll continue to email....have to be honest...was really hoping that this lunch wouldn't go well so that i could have some type of closure and move on with dealing, without an outside source, on my feelings toward my husband....didn't go that way though.

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