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You are way too good for this girl. She seems to have a lot of issues, or at least I assume so because I can't imagine an 18 year old girl being interested in someone who's probably older than her dad otherwise. I really think you need to stop fixating on her and worrying about her--it shows that you're a great guy by being concerned and wanting to help, but after the way she treated you, she just doesn't deserve your support and consideration. Also, please stop contacting her in any way. All you're doing is flattering her ego and giving her a chance to be rude and mean to you--it's really just torturing yourself, and the longer you wait to cut off all contact with her, the longer it will take you to get past the pain of losing her and move on with your life. This girl just isn't worthy of any more of your time or energy, and the sooner you accept that and act accordingly, the better off you'll be. You have so much to offer another girl, who you will find when you're ready, and this girl clearly wasn't right for you anyway if she can treat you so harshly. I don't know what her problem is, but you really shouldn't give her any more opportunities to insult you and hurt your feelings. Hang in there and please try to focus as much as possible on friends, school, family, hobbies, etc...pretty much anything but her! The less you dwell on the breakup and the more effort you make to keep busy and move on, the sooner you'll start feeling better. I hope that happens very soon and that everything works out well for you...remember to hang in there and just get through one day at a time; it will get easier in time if you can manage to cut off all communication with your ex. Good luck and take care of yourself in the meantime :).
Thank you edved2001 and snails for your reply! It always helps so much! Its true i think she will learn and ill have to cut off all contact with her as i can to help heal.

I just wish i did not become dependent on her i think that was another resin why she left me for that man. She saw i was dependent on her. And maybe because of that she lost her feelings for me. I wish with all my heart that i did not become dependent on her, only if i was more and showed more confidence then maybe she would have stayed.

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