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Iím sorry to hear you got dumped. It sometimes happens to the best of us it seems, but thatís life.

I donít think she dumped you out of nowhere. It may seem that way, but it actually built up and happened over time.

What is so shocking about her dating an older guy? You may not agree with it, but do you think he is taking advantage of her or she of him? That may be possible, but that is not necessarily always the case. Age difference is not a prerequisite in being able to take advantage of someone.

Maybe she cheated on you by going out with this guy for over a month while you were together. Believe it, it happens, unfortunately. You just have to deal with it.

When you say you did the VERY best for her and you did everything for her, you make it sound like she is obligated to you. It sounds possessive. I can see where the ďslaveĒ response comment comes from, even though it is just a figure of speech.

The guy she is seeing now may be 41 years old, but he is not any better than you. However, it is obvious to me, by reading her text response to your original text message to her, he is treating her better than you did.

I donít think her text response was weird at all. You provoked it. It was a response to your original message to her, which you failed to post. You only posted her response and I canít fully evaluate it by itself without reading the entire context.

As for the age difference, well it may not work out in the long run, but do you really know how serious their relationship is to begin with? She is very young and in time she may lose interest in him much like she lost interest in you or vice versa. That doesnít make her a bad person, in my book.

One positive thing she will gain out of this experience of dating an older man, however it all turns out for her, is that she now knows how she wants a man to treat her. I donít know your whole story, but you might want to use this experience as a lesson on how to better treat your next girlfriend. It seems you may need some work or help in this area of a relationship.

You are only 21. You still have a lot of time to find another girlfriend.

Mike may disagree with me on that one though! :D

At 18 years old I do agree and think she is a bit young for him.
I am 49 and she would be way too young for me.

Thatís why I only go for 19 year olds and older. LOLÖLOL

WHOOP! (There it is!) :D LOL

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