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Re: Is he too good?
Apr 17, 2005
[QUOTE=babe1973]Ok, let me get this straight. He is not gay. And I know it for sure. He is hetero. I don't pressure him and I do flirt in a nice way without making him feel uncomfortable. I didn't feel that he didn't want to go out for a drink. It's just that he says he doesn't have time. We did go for a drink once, a long time ago and it was a great time.
As for chasing, actually that's what I also need advice for. I don't see it as being a problem because I have always been like this. I don't like men served on a silver platter. But maybe you are right and I should see a shrink about that. It's just that I can't stop thinking about him. We have just started writing emails to each other. I don't think he would write back if he didn't want to hear from me. He is also very sweet and he has not changed his reactions towards me, although he does know that I am interested in him.[/QUOTE]

I don't think you need to see a shrink. :) But I do STRONGLY believe men need to chase. Like you, they also don't want anything served up on a, what did you call it? Silver Platter. They hunt, then they cherish what they caught. The harder it was to catch and the less sure they are that they actually have it, the more they value it. Also, a man is NEVER to busy to date, call, email, have drinks and finally sex, with a women he REALLY wants. I'm not saying don't chase, I'm saying you need to get much smarter and subtler about it. Your interested chasing shouldn't look like chasing at all!
I once read this little senerio, A man goes out in the forest and hunts for a week. No bath, bad food, cold, but then comes home with a deer. Suddenly he's an interior decorator. He knows right where to put that head. Where he can see it every time he comes into the living room. :) Now, instead you go out and kill it for him, you drag it to his front porch, as a gift. How many people really believe he would want/value it then?
Men haven't changed all that much, women who think they have are speaking a language men just don't understand.

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