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[QUOTE=Ninispjc]First, if someone feels bad about being away from their lover, they first nag about spending more time together. Has she done this at all? It does sound very strange to want to break up with someone because you feel bad when they of course have to lead their own life for a few hours. It sounds to me as if she's either the most clingy woman in the world or looking for a way to let you down easy.[/QUOTE]
Since I posted this topic, we've had a talk over our relationship and she genuinely doesn't want to split, she says she looks at me as the guy she wants to spend her life with because she gets on so well with me and we rarely argue - over silly little things maybe, but that's all.

She has nagged over spending more time together, yes. And she said the reason she thought about splitting is because, at the moment, she can't think about anything but me basically, and it gets her down when she can't see me for whatever reason.

[QUOTE=GypsyArcher]It sounds like your girlfriend is really intense, obsessive, and extremely insecure. I used to be like that when I was younger. I have many times left relationships (actually moving out of state to get away) because I felt SO intensely about the person and needed to be around them 24/7. Of course they weren't as nuts as in order to save us both, I had to get away.

It seems to me like your girlfriend may have some emotional issues. She needs to learn how to be her own person and have her own life...without being obsessed with her boyfriend. Does she work? Have any hobbies? Involved in any clubs? I think you should prod her to be more independent. It also could be that she is just young...I thankfully grew out of being so obsessive in relationships after I became an adult. Although I do know of women in their 30's who sound just like your girlfriend...they never got the memo that there is more to life than having a boyfriend.

It simply is not healthy to be unable to stand being away from your partner, especially for short lenghts of time. You should discuss this with her![/QUOTE]
Yes, she works part-time at the moment as well as going to college. She's a popular person, plenty of friends and she's very lively and fun to be around. She does work for charity every week as well.

And yeah, a few people close to her have said that they think she may be insecure, so maybe she is?

Thanks! :)

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