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Well, first of all let me say this; this is the very first time I have posted and in fact the very first time I have done anything like this. Its half past midnight, I laid awake next to my gf tossing and turning, not knowing what to do.

We have been together just 9 months, but we have been living together for 6! Things moved really quickly and although I have never lived with someone before I asked her to move in with me. After I had done it it felt like it was too soon but I went through with it.

My girlfriend is unwell a lot of the time, I love her but I am finding this incredibly hard, I have a very responsible job, travel a lot and I am used to being with upbeat women. I am usually very good at caring for her when she is unwell but she is now unwell for about 2 weeks out of every 4. She recently fell and hurt her back which has increased the burden on me to care for her. She expects me to run around for her a lot, and I get very tired and stressed.

I have never felt like this before, I do love her but I repeatedly think about asking her to move out but stress impacts her condition and I am a very caring person, I cant stand to hurt her. This just was not what I wanted out of a relationship, I am not sure I can care for someone long term, my parents were much older than most and I spent a lot of time caring for them whilst I was growing up, I am not sure I want to get further involved in caring for someone else as part of my relationship.

I lay in bed this evening feeling more and more depressed, i even thought about killing myself.. I just wanted to cry! This is weird, I am a very strong person, I strive through adverity time and time again, I have built and lost businesses and been through tough relationships and family losses. And now the subject of asking my gf to leave is potentially driving me to depression!!

Sometimes I so love her being around, but in the bad times the stress of work and her is just too much. I feel as if I should be thinking of myself, and I probably sound callas, however I have spent most of my life looking after others and I feel I need a break. I am just not as happy as I should be with the person I might spend the rest of my life with...

What should I do?

I keep thinking of the unpleasentness of it all, od her having to move all her stuff home, of her needing her brothers to help her do it, of her being upset and of it making her more ill.... I feel weirdly trapped... My gf I feel might "overcook" her illnesses but I just cant be sure, on one hand I sympathise whilst on the other I want her to just be strong....

Has anyone else been in this situation?


C.. :confused:

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