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I wrote a few weeks ago because I broke up with my bf because he was still dealing with issues from a former relationship and had been slacking big time in our relationship. We had a two week hiatus, and he called and we started hanging out again. And it was great. I even spend the weekend at his house. But we haven't exactly spoken about what is going on between us. He told me when we broke up that he didn't know what he wanted. I now want to know is this what he wants. He acts like it is, should I go by actions or have a talk? I just don't want to end up being a heavy tiring conversation, which with my lack of brevity can sometimes happen :)

I know that in the couse of us being together, i made mistakes too. a few times when I was drunk I ended talking to some of his female friends about how things were going, and I know it annoyed him. I didn't say anything bad, I really think I was looking for reassurance because things were off. I know I should have just spoken to him. And I don't want him to feel that that behavior is going to continue, because I know it is annoying and feel I have learned my lesson. Should I bring that up as well or just prove it with my actions. I just don't want him to think that I am not aware that it bothered him. He never brings it up, except maybe to tease me once in a while, but not often. I really love him and want this work, but I also feel we need to take things slow because we have a lot on 'the table'. Am I just thinking too much?

All my friends tell me to date other people to see if this is what i really want, but I just can't picture going out with someone else or him seeing someone else. It makes me sick. He says I think way too much and talk too much, I would hve to concur. Problem is, I am totally crazy about him, I love him. I see so many things in him, and want this too work. I don't want to lose him, but I need to know if this is worth working out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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