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What I think is the strangest part is that this women's fiance seems to be gung-ho about hanging out with her and your boyfriend. I try to picture hanging out with my fiance at his ex's house like we're all buddies...never will that day come.

That really is an uncomfortable thing for a girlfriend to deal with - a boyfriend's ex coming over to visit, and still being a part of his life. Personally? I wouldn't put up with it. If I were you I would tell my boyfriend that if he doesn't stop hanging out with her then it would be over for us. Of course he won't appreciate that...and he'll probably even refuse to stop seeing his ex, calling you irrational. It is extreme, but I would leave him and move on. You shouldn't have to deal with jumbled situations like this that stress you out. Just my opinion thought, because I would [B]never[/B] put up with something like this. The thought of doing so makes me laugh. But maybe you think it's worth continuing...just do what will make you happy.

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