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I appreciate & respect all of your opinions , but I don't think hes abusive. Hes just acted different since the 12th of this month, I had made him quite mad because of how I acted because I didn't want to be alone after school so I tried to make him stay but I over reacted way to much while trying to, & he hasn't been the same since then but on the 16th when he picked me up for prom at 6 to the time he brought me home at 2 am he was a sweet heart & made sure I wasn't cold, ect I was the cause of how he's acted since then because of my actions & now he's been trying to teach me how to be alone once in a while. He hasn't stopped me from talking to my friends he'll even talk with them to, he just isn't much on jack going with me because his reason is that I need to learn to be by myself once in a while. Nini you do have a point about cooperating but your partially right, most of the time I cooperate willingly but sometimes he will make me when I don't want to such as threating to leave me so I do something when I didn't want. He hasn't done that much though just about 3 times total. He hasn't done anything that has caused a mark on me, it just hurts for a second, he's NEVER hit me hard such as punching me, slapping, kicking, hair pulling, ect the only thing that has really hurt a bit was when poked in my stomach but that only happened once. he's not mean, He has NEVER verbally abused me he's just a sweetheart & watches out for me & will hurt anyone that trys to hurt me, he plays silly games with me, & just cuddles with me in class ( he's a senior but our school has testing & he is signed up to my room with me & my friends everyday this week from 11:30 until 3 when school ends. He stays after with me each day when I want him to & doesn't leave until I do. I know by how he's been acting since the 12th makes him seem abuive but before then he was the sweetest guy you would ever meet. About the sex, I do know he could get in trouble & he knows that too, but we did stay on the safe side, he didn't force me to do that with him, he always told me that he would wait for me & until I was ready & I just guess I thought I was ready to & I don't have any regrets about doing that with him especially since he was a virgin too & I just have the feeling hes the one. I know I'm very young at the age of 14 but I do have some experience about these things, I do know when someone I'm with doesn't care about me truly, I've had only 3 bf (one of my best friends, guy that didn't care & my current bf) Well my 2nd one didn't care about how I felt at all, I felt bad one day & wanted to lay my head on his shoulder & he just scooted away then all he wanted was to see my body which I didn't like him always asking about it & then one night on Nov 22nd my current bf said the sweetest things in the would & it made me cry. He had told me that it was hard to love someone as much as he loved me & not be able to have them, many other sweet things & that exact day I broke it off with my other bf to be with the one i have now. Everyone has said to just leave him but I couldn't no matter how hard I try because he means so much to me. I know it seems I wouldn't know much about love at 14 but I do & I know if things got to a certain point such as being punched then I would have to leave him immediatly but things aren't that bad. My parenst do like him, my mom does any way because shes met him before & thought he was sweet & she listens about what happens with me & him but my dad could care less I've told them my nickname for my bf many times & only my mom has listened to me about him. He has given me cute gifts for christmas (stuffed wolf) valentines day (bear, rottweiler stuffed animal, & fiberoptic musical bear & for easter he got me the most beautiful heart necklace & a stuffed bunny. The only time he's the slightest bit mean is when he's in school but in the the after testing class & when were outside of the school he'll hug & kiss on me & in the class he'll let me fall asleep on him.

I am going to have a talk with him about how he's been acting later tonight & see if I can't get to the bottom of it & put a stop to it. Since he hasn't been that way for long it should be easy to solve, I'm hoping anyway

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