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You ARE PERFECT :) :bouncing:

Your ex-boyfriend's abuse had nothing to do with How well you treated him but how HE treated YOU. Honey, you ended it with him because YOU knew you deserved better then a verbally or physical relationship.

Perhaps you thought you were a perfect fit for this chump, but he has issues, tooked them out on you because you are too good for him and his lack of self esteem...He wanted to break you down to feel nothing.

You're a smart Girl to know what is right for you. As fast as he moved on from you just shows he needs a New Victim to fill the void in his own life of self worth by grabbing the next female he can lure, attract, show his good qaulities in the beginning...but they alway resurface back....And he will abuse this poor new girlfriend in a matter of time....

You should be Happy that you moved on from him - you will now have the knowledge & experience of not putting up with a jerk.

OH, as far as what you said - You did all the Work in the relationship,
Honey >>>>>> It takes TWO to work on a relationship not ONE and it shouldn't be with alot of DRAMA, Abuse, Doubts, Scared to open and share your feelings <<<<<<<<<

Don't spend anymore time thinking about HIM or what He is doing in his New relationship, Think about YOURSELF and how much value you can add to the right guy someday who will appreicate YOU and all you have to offer and receive it all back 100%..... :cool:

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