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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]justcurios827 you really should take in and re-read again what fox hound 21 said. It is very true and good information. ;)

Ask yourself (since you said you are usually a secure person, which I'm not sure I totally believe) if this is any way to live life in a relationship that you have to walk on eggshells in? Are you 100% truly happy with this person? It doesn't sound like it. Being in a relationship because you are afraid to not have a boyfriend is not healthy. :nono:

Also, saying that you were single for the last 21 years of your life really isn't fair. If you think about it, you can't really count at least the first 12 years of your life, and really I'd say the first 14-15 years you should be single! At 16 start being interested in having "male friends" and then at 17 and 18 explore the possibilities of relationships and what they consist of. At your age, this is a perfect age to recognize that things are not right and move on.

To me it is a shame how they don't teach more about communication and healthy relationships in school. They spend so much time focusing on things in History that I hardly remember when I could have used information on relationships and healthy living.

:bouncing: [/COLOR]

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