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Moving on?
Apr 22, 2005
Hi Guys
I haven't posted here for a while but there are some things which are really starting to get to me again!

I've been split up with my ex boyfriend of 7 and a half years for nearly 4 months now, I'm doing much better than I was in the beginning, although I guess that is obvious! - However I have issues about moving on in terms of new relationships. When I split up with my ex it was relatively amicable (it was his decision and not what I wanted at all but he'd fallen out of love with me and decided the relationship couldn't go on!) so we decided to try and remain friends. He emailed me a bit from work and would always chat when I saw him out. However after about 3 weeks of being split up he met his new girlfriend (he told me himself and I've met her a couple of times, not to speak to, but when we've bumped into each other when out clubbing) and everyone (our friends, his mother etc) keep going on about how happy they are, how much time they spend together and how he treats her better than he did me (not that he ever treated me all that badly, just little things like choosing to see her over a game of footy or something which he'd rarely did for me!) Lots of people tell me that it's just the honeymoon period and things will change and because he got with her so soon after me that it won't work out. It's not that I don't want it to work out for them, in fact I'd prefer him to be happy, but I am kind of bitter that he never got to miss me because he was with someone else so soon!

Whilst all this has been happening, my closest friend has also split up with her boyfriend of 8 years (her choice) and got another boyfriend within a month of doing so (although she sort of split from her ex because of this new guy!) I guess what I'm saying is it seems quite normal for people to move on so quickly even after coming out of such long term relationships. Can these new relationship really work so soon after coming out of another one?

I really would like to start another relationship soon and actually feel ready to but I just haven't met anyone that I'm interested in. It's not because other men aren't interested it's just I don't seem interested in them, in fact there is one guy who I work with who has told me how he feels and has done for a while now but never said anything when I had a boyfriend, he's a really sweet guy, who's kind and would treat me really well, he has a good job and comes from a stable background, he's not unattractive but I just don't feel anything for him. Some of my friends and family have said that I'm too fussy and now I'm left wondering if this really is the case and I should just go for it because I won't get anything better. I'm scared at the prospect of being left alone for a long time, when everyone else can move on!

Opinions much appreciated!

Please help, I feel at a loss!

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