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I have a situation going on that I am really having trouble with. I have been dating a girl now for about four and a half years. When we met, I was immature, but not her. She was always wise beyond her years. She is a person of good ethics and morals. I did a lot of stupid things and gave her more than a few chances to get rid of me. For some unknown reason, she didn't. I don't know what she saw in me, but she just took it all and kept pulling me along. When I left home, I grew up quick. Since then things have been great. I have become quite comfortable with her and sometimes maybe I don't show it enough, but she knows how much I love her and love has never been an issue with us. We have really stepped things up in the last year and are moving in together shortly. That does it for background, on to the problem...

She has a friend, I'll call him N, who she grew up with. They are friends because of that reason only. He is the kind of guy she doesn't want: he drinks, doesn't take things seriously, and treats women like slabs of meat. He lives in the same town we do. About three weeks ago, she was driving through town and saw N dead drunk on the side of the road. She picked him up to give him a ride home. On the way, he was telling her how he had always loved her and how this could be their last chance to be together. He was doing this despite having a long term relationship himself with a girl from out of town. For whatever reason, it worked. She slept with him that night. What really bothers me here is that she is a very moral person. We dated for over three years before we had sex. She isn' the kind of person to just off and do something like that. She felt horrible about what she did and told me the very next day. I hurts me like hell, but I told her that I love her with all my heart and we can work through it. She said that she needs a little time to figure herself out, that she loves me, but she needs to have some thinking time right now. The next day I pled my case to her and she told me she wanted to be with me, that she loved me. I told her that this would be a chance for us to start over and both of us to put our wrongdoings behind us. We were in the car a few days later and I could tell that something was up. She told me that she just needs some time. She reminded me that there was a time when our roles were reversed, and that she held on to me.

Before that night, things were fine. Since she is really beating herself up over this incident. I love her way too much to just forget about her and move on. My sun rises and sets on her. I told her that I would try my best to leave her alone so she could sort things out. She is out of town this week. I don't call her. I sent her some flowers one day, and I send her a text message when I wake up and when I go to bed, but I don't talk to her all the time like we normally do. It is killing me. I've had a broken heart before, but I've never felt like this before. My world just doesn't work without her. What should I do?

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