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I have a huge delema that has been bothering me for a long time now. My boyfriend and i have been dating for 4 years now. When we first started dating i was his princess. he would run to my house in the middle of the night, Tell me i was beautiful everyday and always had special plans for us. Over time the compliments stopped he stopped making me dinner ect. I was okay with this b/c after a while it does get harder to keep the relationship hot . But we were still very much in love. Recently we had a baby. it wasent planned i am only 19 and he's 20. But we both decided on keeping him and we have a beautiful son. Now i know he is young and this is alot of responsiblity and stress for someone so young but for the last year he has become very hostile towards me. Not physically abusive but verbally. He gets mad at me for little thing like our son being sick and recently started calling me the b word and many other nasty names. He always says sorry after i confront him but the verbal abuse never stops. He has also been spending most of his time with friends instead of with his family. i understand he needs his time but it's getting in the way of his time with his son. I dont know what to do i want to marry him and my point of view is that if i am going to makes vows to some one i want to make sure that i know that we can make it through anything. we have been going through a very difficult time the last year but im getting to the point where i dont know if its worth my emotional well being to bee with him. he says he loves me but yet still verbally abuses me. What should i do should i stay and keep working at our relationship or is this a lost cause i know i deserve better and sometimes feel like it's my fault for putting pressure on him to be a dad to his son. But the way he treats me has totally changed. I dont understand why he says these thing to me and why he doesnt want to spend time with us anymore. what should i do? :confused:

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