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Hello My Cyber Buddy,
I am so happy you decided to start the new thread I suggested. These type of posts are what you need now. I hope all the posters that are married and going through difficulties( like lost romance) do read through your other post.
Boxgirl, as you know, I believe all couples go through periods in their marriages where they feel like they are "not in love". The problem is when the feeling persists, because then it is time that couples MUST take action.
When we first meet our spouses and begin dating them, it is filled with excitement, butterflies, and the longing to be near them and touch them. What most people do not realize when they get married is that it takes regular, consistent effort on the part of both spouses to make a marriage last. It is essential that each spouse continue to show each other affection (in non sexual ways as well men!!!!).
A women's sexual drive is turned on mostly through regular displays of affection, respect, and romance. I would relate a woman's sex drive to that of a "crockpot", it requires a constant slow simmering to make it boil!!!! I would relate a man's sex drive to that of a microwave. It does not take much to get them going!!!!!
It is important for couples to go on regular date nights on a weekly basis to continue to foster their relationship as couples and lovers. It is also ESSENTIAL that each spouse treat each other with respect, kindness, consideration, and regular non-sexual affection the rest of the days as well. Treat each other like you did when you were dating, (flirting, dress nice, and do unexpected nice things for each other). When a guy treats his wife well, and does these things, the majority of the time it wll result in them becoming lovers again, as well as friends. I promise, you will get the urge again. It does come back!!!! Have fun on your brunch date this weekend, wear something sexy and ask hubby to wear something that you like on him!
When children come along, it takes even more of an effort to make it a priority in our lives,(due to decreased time and energy, as well as financial and child care issues), so I encourage you and your hubby to get your relationship back on track again before starting a family.
Remember, anything worthwhile in life takes work, but the rewards will far exceed the effort it takes.
I have not received my books as yet. I am anxious to get them. How are you enjoying the book so far? What did hubby say about it?
Talk to you soon.

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