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[QUOTE=dolly5377]There is this 'lady friend' who I always think she is just a casual friend of my husband, however, I now doubt myself. She used to live in the same city as we are when her husband is away for business all the time. We ran into each other quite often. When she decided to return to her husband home town, she asked my husband to help her move ..., that's fair enough. Two years later, she returned for a visit, she asked my husband to drive her around to run errands and i ran into them drinking coffee and walking around the mall. I did not have a good feeling. A few years later, 2 weeks ago, she returned for a relative's wedding, my husband told me he has to pick her up at the airport and drive her around, he then went out with her a few times for dinner and stuff without me! Last Friday, I lost it and I asked him (over the phone) what is their relationship and he said they are just friends and he thinks I may be bored by their conversation. I think they are with her relatives at all these occasion (just guessing). Am I just over jealous and have no trust to him?

We have been married for 23 years and our son is going to university this fall. I just feel he does things to this lady that he does not usually do.[/QUOTE]

You have every reason to be upset or at the very least concerned. Your husband is not respecting proper boundaries that should be present in every marital relationship. You need to tell him that he has 2 choices - either bring you along or stop catering to this woman.( She needs to find a girlfriend!!!)
If he refuses, you have reason to believe that there is more than a friendhip going on and you need to insist you both need to go for counseling. If he refuses to do that, you need to go for counseling to help yourself deal with the choices you will need to make.
Good Luck.

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