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Cuddlyy, it seems to me that your bf HAS accepted it. He is with you, still loves you, and has even told you that he accepts you as you are. He also seems to appreciate the progress you have made (with his friends) which to me indicates that he does realise how hard it can be for you.

Accepting it however, doesn't mean that it won't frustrate him sometimes. Just like a clean freak living with a messy person. You may accept them and still love them very much, but it doesn't mean that it's not going to annoy the hell out of you!!! It must be hard for him (being a confident and more outgoing person socially) to understand what restricts you. So to me, that he even understands speaks volumes. And I must say, he is right. He's not a mind reader. He must know you well enough to know when something is wrong. If you say "nothing", it probably seems like you are dismissing him. If he detects something is wrong and asks, you do not have to go into a depressive speech. You can just tell him what exactly is wrong or why you feel down, but then also tell him about the good points of your day or the parts where you felt you made some progress. If you love him, trust him enough to be honest with him. He can't be expected to know. He may well think that it is about him, and unless you open up to him... he will not know.

Cuddlyy, I realise that you probably feel insecure in the relationship sometimes. Just like your anxiety may frustrate him sometimes, his reaction frustrates you sometimes and I guess you need to accept him for the way he is too. No relationship is perfect. If you love each other though, you must trust that he accepts you for how you are, just as he must with you. Sure it frustrates him, but he's still with you isn't he? Like the others said, he may want to help, but doesn't know how to, and that probably frustrates him too. Try to focus on the good parts of your relationships. It's been established that you have this anxiety, but try not to let your relationship revolve around it. And if he breaks that trust and stops accepting you for who you are, then you know that he is not the one for you anyway.

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