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My boyfriend and I started out happier then we had ever been [I]in our entire lives[/I], until I got pregnant. We gradually stopped having sex, he looks at explicate web sites and plays video games all day. The baby is five months old and he stays home and takes care of him while I work. He doesn't help me around the house and complains that I don't help him enough. We will hit our two year mark in Sep. We have true love for one another, I know we do but he never tells me. He never compliments me or goes out of his way for me any more. last night i really screwed up and cheated. I stopped it from going too too far but I still regret doing it, or not doing it i am still confused. How can two people so right for each other end up ruining each others lives? I talked with him a few times about it, he gets really emotional and says he wants things to work out...but he doesn't change. I feel really bad about myself all the time, people always tell me that Iím beautiful, but it doesn't mean anything if it doesn't come from him. He once completed me, now he divides me

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