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Honestly, I don't really think it's any of your business what she does after you broke up with her. I don't mean to sound harsh, but my BF recently left me and I'd be pretty offended if he had the audacity to be upset about anything I did after how much his leaving hurt me. Once someone ends a relationship, the other person is free to do whatever they want...if you don't want her dating other guys, you should have considered that before you dumped her, or else get back together with her. But if you aren't sure you want to be with her and are just feeling jealous and shocked that she's dating again, then please don't hurt her anymore by getting her hopes up that you'll get back together just to keep her from moving on. If she cares about you, and it sounds like she does because she's willing to give you another chance, she's already suffering enough and doesn't need any additional pain. So if you don't want her, you should step aside and let her get on with her life without interfering or making it harder for her to heal. If you do, make sure it's really because you want her as your girlfriend again, not just because you don't want any other guys to be with her. But in my experience, breakups happen for a reason, and if she were the right girl for you, I highly doubt you would have ever let her go in the first place. Maybe the best thing is to cut off contact and keep your distance, out of respect for her need to move on and also to help yourself heal as painlessly as possible. I hope things turn out well for you...just please remember how vulnerable and hurt she is probably feeling, and try not to do anything that would make her feel even worse.

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