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May 2, 2005
I just broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago after things have been starting to get serious between us. I love her, but there are some big differences between us religion and culture and have told her that I need some time to figure things out. It was a very difficult decision for me (hard to see myself without her) in which she did not take very well at all. It hurt me very much to see how much my decision had hurt her.

We have talked on the phone a few times since then and this past wednesday while talking to her I find out she's already been on a date! She hesitantly told me after asking. And it hasnt even been two weeks since we've broken up! She goes on telling me that one of her friends set her up on the date and she felt obligated to go. I asked her if she was going to see this guy again and she hesitantly says no. After asking her about this guy she tells me that he's not her type and that she isnt interested. Also that she dosnt do rebounds after relationships. While concluding our conversation she tells me that it is up to me if I ever want to start things up again and that I can call her anytime for anything.

Well, this last saturday I arrive late at a bar, which I frequently go every weekend (she hangs out there too and probably knew I was going to be there) to meet up with my friends. To my suprise she was there with that guy on a date! It hurt so much inside I wanted to throw up. After sucking it up inside I trying so hard not to show it I went up to say "hello" to her and her date "nice to meet you" introduced myself to her date and went on my way. I continued on and started talking and dancing with another girl to get back at her, show her that I'm not bothered. Looking up every once in a while it looked as if my ex wasnt having a very good time and not talking much to her date. Instead she wasnt smiling much, going to the bathroom, also going outside to smoke on the balcony without her date a few times.
Im confused..think she has moved on already or trying to make me jealous??

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