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Thanks Lisa for your encouraging post, I actually talked to my cousin earlier today and she was nice and wasn't acting weird or anything, so at least I know that she isn't mad at me for an unknown reason. We didn"t even talk about the guy that wants my number because we were discussing a family problem (also she probably thinks that I haven't gotten the e-mail yet since I haven't replied).

Anyway, I am going to talk to one of my friends tomorrow that was around this guy some last weekend and see what her impression was of him before I give my cousin the ok to give him my number. I know that it seems like I am making the whole number thing into a bigger deal than neccessary, but I just don't want it to turn into the same kind of situation as that other guy.

I talked to my best friend earlier and that made me feel a little better--not so alone. I just want to be happier and have a happy life, but it seems like lately there have been a LOT of things to be depressed about. I just wish I knew what to do with my life and what changes I need to make so that I will be happier. I just don't feel like I have any kind of purpose for even being on the planet.

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