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I would love to use the boyfriend story, but I have a VERY nosy family and they all know all too well that I do not have a boyfriend---so that wouldn't work as far as my cousin believing it. Also, he has probably recently asked my cousin's husband if I am still single, so he probably knows that I am and that I would be lying if I said that I have a boyfriend.

In addition to all of that I know some other people (whom I saw just last weekend) that will be at the concert too and they all know also that I do not have a boyfriend (it is not a huge concert so I will see them there). In other words--apparently ( & VERY unfortunately) EVERYONE knows that I am single.

I guess I am just going to have to try to initiate conversation with the others and try to avoid this guy as much as I can. He always acts so nice so there is no way that I could be knowingly rude to him. Everyone else is always talking about how nice he is and that they wish he could find a nice girl. I know this sounds mean but I just am not going to be that girl! He always squeezes in beside me to sit by me and then he starts talking to me non-stop asking if we could go out sometime and then asking me all kinds of other questions. In the past I have always made up excuses for not being able to go out with him and one time he asked for my number and I did not give it to him, yet he still acts the same towards me---wanting to go out and all of that.

Him acting this way just makes me not like him even more---if he would just act like a friend instead of being so pushy it wouldn't be so bad being around him. I just don't know how to let him know that I am not interested (other than what I have already done) without hurting his feelings and sounding rude. I do not want the other friends talking about me and saying that I am a mean person.

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