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Private Porn
May 3, 2005
I'd like a little input. My BF is WAY secretive about porn and I just can't figure it out. It's not a PROBLEM, i'm just sort of curious.

As far as I can tell, he isn't even that interested in it. I spend almost every night at his house, and use his computer all the time. I've only encountered his porn a couple of times. Once or twice, I saw it in his browser history--just some pix of naked girls with big boobs, etc.

Another time I found a DVD in his computer--I'll spare you the details, but in my opinion it was all very straight, "normal", TAME stuff. I've seen my own fair share of weirdo porn on the internet, and as far as I'm concerned, it's practically G-rated. Oh, and he's got a bag of videos from back in the day, but they're tied up in a bag in the closet and i know for a fact he hasn't taken them out in at least a year and a half (since I've known him).

As far as I know, most guys looks at it and it's just not a big deal. in the past, i've watched porn with my BFs, ran through their browser histories--even let them DL it on my computer! It was just nothing to be concerned about. certainly nothing to hide.

THIS bf, however, is SUPER secretive about it. he would NEVER let me watch one of "his" movies. once i asked him if he would ever be interested in watching it together, and he said we'd have to get different ones if we did. he'd be embarassed, or something.

he's made comments that i find a little odd, too. he and i were joking around with his friends--a married couple. back when my BF and the husband were younger, the husband was notorious for his porn collection--he had this HUGE asian porn collection. literally hundreds of items. he's a sweet little guy, with a wonderful, bubbly wife whom he obviously adores. anyway, we were joking around and i alluded to the fact that my bf was so secretive. his friend shrugged and was like, i dunno, not a big deal to me.

after that, my boyfriend was like, oh really? when you watch it, don't you get partial to certain ones? Don't you start to feel like their 'your' girl? i mean, they're always cheating on you, but....

i know we were joking around, but it was sort of a weird comment. do you think THAT's why he's secretive? i just don't get it. it's not like he's even looking at particularly kinky stuff. totally bizarre.....any insight?

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