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This is where i would have to stress the part where (to the both of you) you guys made vows to one another, "for better or for worst through sickness and in heath" Those words are a vow the most sacred promise you can made to a person. i think you should hold on. But you shouldent be paying his bills!! that part confuses me i understand you want to help him but he needs to get better and if you let him use you for money he wont have a reason to get better. If you seperate from someone temp. than it should be his time to see what life is like without you. Maybe if you pull away a bit but stay in contact to only to encourage him than maybe he will get help. When you talk to him try not to bring anything up from the past or stuff he is doing, try to encourage him to help himself with loving words. He may feel like he's failed and you feel that way too evenif you dont HIS self esteem may be low and if he sees loving and encouragement from you it may help. Boost him up make him feel like you love him no matter what he is goingt hrough after some time of no pressure to get better he may finally get the strength he needs to help himself. sound like your husband is lost and cant love himself and if he cant love himself there is no way he can love you it mustbe very frustrating for him and you as well. Try to only concentrate on him it may seem unfair b/c your hurting too but if you can work together so he can find love in himself than you two can work on loving eachother. All the pressure of being a loving husband and loving you the way he used to must cause alot of stress for him let him let go of that stress and concentrate on letting him know that you love him and wont give up on him just b/c he's lost. It may wok out that all he needs is a self esteem boost himself. Good luck!

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