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I know, you guys are all right. I just have to let it be what it's meant to be. But it's so hard because it feels so weird right now. He's been my closest male friend (not closest friend in general- I have a few very close girlfriends) for years and now we're just acting a different way... saying different things to each other. I know this is the best thing I can do for myself, and I'm finally making the right choice. But the weirdness... I want it to wear off.

As far as having another friend in line to replace him, that is not a problem. I have other close male friends as well as many female friends that are like sisters to me. My friendships have always been very close and very special to me. Which is another reason why this whole thing just makes sense, because these are the people who love me the most and want the best for me... and they are all ecstatic about it, saying "It's about time!"

While I can be outwardly ecstatic along with them, I feel like I still have this uncertain part of me inside and I hate it. I know I shouldn't let others opinions make my decisions in life, but I really do want this for myself just as much as they do.

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation where there was this perfect person for you who loved you and would always be there for you... and you turned it from a friendship into a relationship? I have one friend who at first couldn't stand the guy she is now marrying. After he never gave up on her, she finally started to fall for him and the love they have now is the envy of all. Does the weirdness go away??

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