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[QUOTE=dt_martini]Yeah, I have told her that upsets me. It upsets me for three reasons. I basically was a social loser when it came to females and I don't like her making me feel worse for it. She has a past and I feel she has no ground to feel this way and finally it feels like she is not happy with me.

How many very attractive long haired rock star looking 23 year old virgin are their? I mean given the sitauation she really got best of both worlds. I caught on very fast and became an excellent lover and she got alot of innocence. If she were to leave me it would almost be impossiable for her to not end of with someone with more experience.

Even more frustrating is when it is her problem in this relationship it can take a day of us apart for things to get better. When it is my problem it seems like it is expected for me to fix it in an hour on my own. Nothing I can say can ever make her feel better. I try to say the right things and she only turns them into the wrong things. ....ugggghhhh[/QUOTE]Most people don't change and what you see is what you get. If you are trying your best to intellectually work out solutions to your problems with her and she won't be compromisable, I suggest dating others alongside her, and let her know you want to do this. It's a sad but realistic fact that many young girls will not change or listen to you unless they are challenged or threatened with being replaced. Then their ears pop and they start taking you more seriously. But if you have to constantly go this route to have her take you seriously, it doesn't sound like she is the right person for you. Plenty of fish in the sea. No sense getting all bent out of shape for just one of them.

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